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…Frequently Asked Questions and General Information

What do I do if the Earth Right Super Stuff sprayer is not operating correctly?


It could be a number of things.

  1. Did you break the green tab on top of the sprayer? You need to do that or it will not spray out.

  2. Sometimes the entire top needs to be removed and rinsed in case the material got sticky and clogged it up.

  3. Sometimes the reducing valve at the bottom of the hole is defective. In that case please remove it but you will either need to dilute the product with water (half and half) or walk really fast.

I encourage folks to buy a gallon so it is like getting a free quart. Use that money to buy a dial sprayer and you set it at 4 oz if it is your first application or 2 oz for regular applications.

Having a dial sprayer is great. You can use it for Mushroom Stuff (1 oz per gal) or Sure Bloom (2 to 4 oz per gal depending upon what the application is for). I don’t think you should use it for chemicals because our products are all natural and chemicals mixed with our products will reduce our products effectiveness.

How many products do you make? [otw_shortcode_content_toggle title="Answer" opened="closed"] We make five products for homeowners. We make many products for other markets such as agriculture, waste management, pro-turf applications, environmental remediation and mining. The products we make for homeowners can be found on our website. All of the products are highly concentrated, environmentally friendly and made in the USA. For information on the rest, please contact us directly.

What can I use Earth Right products for?


Earth Right products are used for lawn maintenance and remediation, seeding; vegetable, herb, rose and flower gardening; growing from seed; planting and maintenance of trees, evergreens and shrubs; and maintenance of septic systems and ponds at least 3 feet deep.

Which product do I use for what application?


The list below gives an overview of what each product can do for you. Please contact us for a detailed data sheet on each product if you need more information.

Super Stuff logo

Breaks up clay soils for better nutrient and water absorption. Provides microbes for healthier soils. Supports root growth by allowing roots to go deeper. Makes nutrients already in the soil available for plants and turf. Improves drainage. Reduces heat stress. Increases wicking action and ionization. Contains 48% conditioner.

Mushroom Stuff logo

ROOT STARTER Establish, Improve, and Restore ROOT STRUCTURE of Turf, Trees, Flowers, Evergreens, Shrubs, Roses, Veggies and Plants! Promote germination and massive root structure. Transplants have improved survival rates… and here is why. Contains fungal mycelium that feed mycorrhizae living on all roots. They are not plant specific so you only need one product to apply to the soil for turf, edibles, flower gardens, trees, evergreens and shrubs. Included are organic ingredients that promote immunity to root disease, new blooms, new canes, and acts as a gentle low N food source. Contains 48% conditioner.


SURE BLOOM® Fertilizers are so environmentally friendly. Instead of leaching into the soil profile the nutrients are used almost entirely by the turf and plants in your landscape beds.

Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 Garden Formula fertilizes and conditions, so the nutrients reach the root zone! This product sets the blooms while it feeds the plants. Trees, evergreens and shrubs love this fertilizer. Contains 7% conditioner.

Sure Bloom® Natural Formula is great for herbs and veggies that are not high nitrogen dependant and perfect if you want a formula without chemical NPK. Instead this formula relies on fish, seaweed, alfalfa and other natural fertilizers and nutrients. Sure Bloom® Natural replaces fish emulsion applications because it contains fish emulsion plus so much more. Contains 7% conditioner.


Pond Stuff® is a great product for homeowners with water features. The product will not hurt wildlife or fish. It works best in ponds that are at least 3 ft deep. Adding a safe dye in the heat in shallow ponds allows you to use it in shallower water. Containing BOTH microbes and barley straw extract, one pint treats 16000 gallons and so for about the same money you can treat four times the amount of water with both microbes and barley straw extract. For under $30 you will get over a $100 value.

Earth Right’s Natural Pond Clarifier is a system of microbes and other natural ingredients for remediation of lakes, ponds, wetlands, lagoons and other surface water. This is a Professional Strength product.

Do I have to water in Earth Right products?


Water in products 1/2 inch or more (up to 3″). If the soil is already saturated, water in 1/4 inch. Rain is best. Must water in within 24 hrs. I have rain barrels and use my rain water for watering my pots and gardens. It saves on the utility bills and is really an environmentally friendly idea. Additionally, you do not want to let the product sit on plant leaves for too long in order to protect transpiration. These products work on the ground and in the soil.

Why do I need Earth Right after applying chemicals that may be toxic to microbes on my lawn or in my garden?


Earth Right Super Stuff® contains “good” bacteria – “microbes” – which are required in all healthy soils. We find these same types of microbes in all lush surroundings, such as in tropical forests. These microbes make nutrients more usable for the plants and grasses, aid in reducing toxic chemicals in the soil and aid in boosting the plants ability to resist diseases. We recommend at least 1 spring and 1 fall application. If you have concerns re: chemicals apply 2-7 days after using any herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide to protect and restore soil microbes.

Are your formulas safe to apply if I have children and pets?


Our formulas are Pet and Child Friendly. Of course, we still encourage you to put the products in a “safe” place as you would do with any lawn care products. Once applied, your family can go outdoors immediately and play or relax and feel safe on your lawn and in your garden.

Why are your fertilizers better than others?


Formulas that contain natural ingredients make a difference. Ours products contain phytonutrients of all types, enzymes and organic acids not available in most commercial products.

Where are Earth Right Products made?


Earth Right Products contain ingredients from the USA, except for the seaweed which is from Canada. The products are made in the Heartland (KS and MO) and are child and pet friendly. Made with Love in the USA.


I want to have the best lawn. What should I do?


Apply Earth Right Super Stuff® in the spring and fall. New users should apply at a rate of 1 qt/5000 sq ft on turf (4 oz/gal). For those of you who apply the product twice a year, after the first application use a rate of 1 qt/10,000 sq ft. (2 oz/gal). Apply The Mushroom Stuff® once a year on rhizome rooted turf, such as Blue Grass and RTF fescue at a rate of 1 Pint/10,000 sq ft (1 oz/gal). This will encourage more rhizomes and help fill in your lawn nicely. This can be used with all grasses in June to increase heat tolerance. Pet and Child Friendly, Sure Bloom® Natural Formula is a great fertilizer for the lawn. Use as needed if you want to avoid chemical fertilizers. Both Sure Bloom® Formulas can be used as needed on turf, especially in summer as a safe green up and on soils that are especially hard and need the extra conditioner or with lawns that have been over-treated with chemicals and hold too many salts.

I used Earth Right on my lawn this spring. Should I apply it again in the fall?


Earth Right Super Stuff® may be used as often as is necessary for your soil and lawn conditions. Twice a year is normally the minimum in the areas of the country that have clay and hardpan layers. In the fall, pre-condition your soil if you plan to overseed and help the lawn, trees and shrubs bear the effects of winter. Using Earth Right in the fall allows soil to take advantage of the winter moisture as the ground thaws. The Earth Right molecule will continue to unwind as the ground warms up. Your spring grass should come in early and be in good condition and the product will increase drainage during the rainy season. Summer applications aerate soil for optimum wicking action to lessen irrigation water usage. The nutrients and beneficial microbes contained in the product are of real value in providing all of the things that do not come in fertilizer products. This product actually makes the fertilizer you use more bioavailable to the grass and vegetation. The Mushroom Stuff® may also be used on lawns once a year to restore any root structure that may have been damaged by chemical applications and to increase the root mass of turf.

If Earth Right aerates soil, do I need to rent a machine to do that?


Earth Right Super Stuff® aerates the soil by breaking up the clay molecules, even at deep levels over time. It also increases the microbial population in the soil, by adding microbes and food sources for the microbes. Some people think that using an aeration machine is important. Personally, I don’t use one because I feel that my lawn is aerated and I add microbes so I don’t need it for that either.

What if I am overseeding?


We recommend an application of Earth Right be used 7 to 21 days before verticutting and seeding. The ground will become softer, as pore space is added to the soil profile. This will make your job in verticutting a much easier task. Additionally, you will prepare the soil to properly absorb water and nutrients. If you forget to use the product prior to seeding, you may apply it over the starter fertilizer on the day that you seed. Using Earth Right will increase the depth the roots can grow and ionize the soil. We recommend applying The Mushroom Stuff® at a rate of 1 pt/10,000 sq feet (set dial at 1 oz/gal) once the grass is at least 1/2″ tall.

Earth Right products prepare the soil to properly absorb water and nutrients. After the seed germinates, the grass will be able to grow longer roots, due to the fact that Earth Right creates pore space. The Mushroom Stuff® contains beneficial oriental mushrooms that aid in producing strong and healthy root systems; trace minerals; minerals; enzymes; amino acids and vitamins. This will promote rapid growth of the root structure. You will see an increase in germination rates and your grass will be in better health during the dormant season when using these products. You may use Sure Bloom® as a starter fertilizer.

What if I am laying new sod?


Prior to laying new sod, if you have clay or compacted soil, and you have not applied Earth Right on that area within the past 8 months, apply at a single rate 10 days prior to laying the sod. If you have never applied it in the past use 1 qt/5,000 sq ft (4 oz/gal). Apply Mushroom Stuff® on top of the sod the day it is installed, 8 oz/5,000 sq ft. (1 oz/gal). This will act as your root stimulator and provide the natural nutrients required for rapid rooting with increased root mass. Once the root system is established, apply Starter Fertilizer in granular form or Sure Bloom® at a rate of 1 qt/5,000 – 10,000 sq ft. (2-4 oz/gal).

Can I use these products all at the same time?


You can mix Sure Bloom® with Earth Right Super Stuff® or The Mushroom Stuff® when gardening. Use Earth Right Super Stuff® Enhanced Soil Conditioner and The Mushroom Stuff® at least one week apart for maximum benefit.

How do I use the hose end sprayer?


Attach the garden hose to the hose end sprayer. Break the tab on the sprayer. Turn water on full strength if you are at standard city settings. Turn the switch on the hose end sprayer to the “on” position in order to begin application. Earth Right sprayers have a regulator at the bottom of the hose. If Earth Right sprays too slowly, remove the regulator. Using a dial sprayer may be preferable for better control and the ability to see what is being sprayed. Use of Dial Sprayer: Use a setting as noted below. I personally use a dial sprayer.

Table of Hose End Sprayer Settings

Are these products environmentally friendly?


Yes all of our products are environmentally friendly and approved by The Nature Lyceum. We are proud supporters of natural and organic care. Additionally, using our products over time should reduce the amount of water you use and the run off into the sewage system and so you are helping the environment. We encourage people to purchase products in the bigger sized containers and store them in the basement where it is warm in the winter. This way there is less plastic to recycle. This is another reason we like the dial sprayers. These products are so friendly that they DO NOT penetrate algae, so be sure the algae and moss are off of the surface before applying our products.

Why do I have to store the products in a warm space over the winter?


Our products will become dysfunctional if you allow them to freeze. Do Not Use on Frozen Ground. Do Not Allow Products to Freeze.

What about planting my trees, evergreens and shrubs?


Using Earth Right Super Stuff® prior to planting will soften soil for easier digging. In case you have planted in an area that holds water, plants won’t drown in standing water later when the heavier rains come. While Earth Right will reduce standing water quickly and areas that used to take days to drain after downpours should drain more quickly. We have also noted that if you use Earth Right on your entire property that everything will drain better and there will be less run-off to low or problem spots.

Two weeks prior to planting, apply Earth Right at a rate of 1 pt to 1000 – 2000 sq ft (4-8 oz/gal) – the rate will be dependent upon how hard your soil is and if water stands in that area. If you don’t get to it, then apply 1 week after planting. At planting, use The Mushroom Stuff ® – see chart for rates. Spray around root systems 1 – 2 times a year (2 ft past the edge of the canopy). Be sure to use enough Earth Right because you don’t want your beautiful new plants and trees in standing water for extended periods of time.

Should I be using anything on my trees, evergreens and shrubs in the spring?


Hopefully, you treat the soil around all of your trees, evergreens and shrubs every spring with Earth Right so that roots can continue to grow without resistance and so that no water stands around root systems. Treating with Earth Right will help your trees with absorption of water and nutrients. The microbes in Earth Right aid soil pH and replenish the natural bacteria needed to convert nutrients and keep trees and shrubs healthier. We also recommend Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 be applied each spring around the root zone, especially for trees, evergreens and shrubs 5 years or younger. It is the perfect food and contains more than just fertilizer. The application rate is 2 oz (4tbsp)/gal at a rate of 1 tbsp/ft of height. Sometimes in our area we have warm weather early in the season, followed by cold or freezing temperatures after bulbs, shrubs and perennials have begun to bloom. Use The Mushroom Stuff® right before or after the freezing weather hits, so you will have a better chance of getting new buds later on in the season. Also if you are not getting enough flowers on your flowering shrubs and trees use The Mushroom Stuff® as soon as you notice it. The Mushroom Stuff® can be premixed with Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 or Natural to save time by applying in one step.

Should I be using anything on my trees before winter?


Yes, trees (evergreens too) need to store nutrients and sap prior to dormancy. By using Earth Right to loosen soil for deep growth and The Mushroom Stuff to stimulate root growth in the fall, you support trees and shrubs during harsh winter weather and spring applications promote quicker blooms. Feeding Earth Right over your winterizer fertilizer is like giving them a feast. Or you can apply Sure Bloom® instead of granular fertilizers. Your trees will be healthier, and in spring should look better, earlier. Hopefully, you have already treated with Earth Right earlier the year. Spring and summer Earth Right applications will help your trees with absorption of water and nutrients. And it will replenish the natural bacteria needed to convert the nutrients and keep plants healthier. Apply Earth Right Super Stuff® every spring and fall around trees, evergreens, shrubs and in beds to keep soil soft, allow deeper root growth and so that wicking action takes place for the utilization of water and fertilizer. Use 1 tbsp/gal for every 1 ft of height. Phosphates and other nutrients will move to the root zone. This is key because the trees and shrubs generally have a hard time using the fertilizer you apply. Most fertilizer sits near the top of the soil and does not get down to the roots (except for Sure Bloom® that contains Earth Right conditioner).

Tree and Shrub Table

What can I use to help drain my septic field?


Earth Right Super Stuff® improves soil texture in your drainage field, adds beneficial microbes and restores proper system operation. Better than enzymes alone, Earth Right’s unique formula promotes improved percolation. You may apply Earth Right to the drain field and down the tank. The number of applications depends upon the soil conditions and the amount of septic system users in your household. Call or email for specific directions. Do not use if your system has old, unglazed drain tiles. Most systems have plastic tiles, unless they are older.

What does it take to have a great garden?


Great gardens don’t happen by themselves. Earth Right Super Stuff®, Mushroom Stuff® and Sure Bloom® Fertilizers can make the difference between easy to care for gardens and gardens that require more time. In any case, when using these products your garden should look great and plants will be healthier naturally!

How do I use these products to create great gardens?


Apply Earth Right Super Stuff® 2 weeks prior to planting (1 pt/2000-2500 sq ft). At time of planting, use The Mushroom Stuff® (1 – 2 tbsp/1-2 gal) and apply to the root zone of all plants. You can even use some in planting holes if you like. Unlike other rooting products, you do not have to dig this in. It may be applied with a sprayer or with a watering can. (We suggest using a watering can on tomatoes and roses because they don’t like water on their leaves.) Sure Bloom® Fertilizers can be used every 2 – 4 weeks in the garden to replace chemical fertilizers. They put everything in the root zone and contain natural ingredients. When we apply Sure Bloom® we give our plants a feast and we are also helping to reduce pollution by using less chemicals and because the plants (trees and shrubs too) actually use what you put down. How great is that?

Pet and Child Friendly, Sure Bloom® Fertilizers are great for flowers, vegetables, herbs and perennials. In the garden when you want more blooms or fruit just use some Mushroom Stuff®. We never recommend using The Mushroom Stuff® unless you have also used Earth Right Super Stuff® in the garden. For example, if you have lots of tomatoes and roses, you will get lots of blooms with Mushroom Stuff® and Earth Right Super Stuff® gives you what you need to have strong stalks and DEEP roots. Without that your stalks will not hold up with all of those extra blooms or fruit!

Do I do anything special if I am putting in a new garden area?


If you plan to add a garden area, prepare the soil in advance whenever possible. Apply Earth Right Super Stuff® at a rate of 1 pt/500-2000 sq ft at least 2 weeks prior to planting. Water in. Then the soil will be nice and soft for you to dig!

What about flower gardens?


Treat garden beds every spring and fall with Earth Right Super Stuff®. When I plant my flowers I have a nice bucket of water mixed with Mushroom Stuff® standing by and I treat each planting so that there is no transplant shock. Use 2 tbsp/gal of water and water them in. Then use Sure Bloom® as your fertilizer throughout the season. It does not salt up the beds like other chemical fertilizers. Too much salt in a bed makes soil compact again. If flowers are not blooming as I would like, I just use The Mushroom Stuff® to help Mother Nature create more blooms more quickly.

How much Mushroom Stuff do I need for flowering shrubs and trees?


At planting or when you want blooms, use the rates as indicated in the guide (click here to view guide). Sometimes in the fall, if we anticipate a harsh winter or freezing conditions early or late.

Should I treat perennial beds any differently?


Just a little. I treat garden beds every spring with Earth Right Super Stuff®. When I plant my perennials I use Earth Right® at double rate in advance, water in with The Mushroom Stuff® at planting. I use Sure Bloom 6-7-6 or Natural as my fertilizer in the spring. In beds that are already planted, I use The Mushroom Stuff® in the fall to help perennials make it through harsh winters.

If I am planting bulbs, what should I do?


Pre-treat the area to be planted with Earth Right. Use about 2 tbsp/3 gal/100 sq ft. Water in. Then gently tap in the bulb. If the bulbs come up in the spring, after the ground has thawed, apply The Mushroom Stuff® when the plant has emerged. If the bulbs come up in summer or fall, just apply The Mushroom Stuff® after bulbs begin to emerge. Do not apply product if you think you will get another freeze until just before the freeze. Sometimes bulbs have bloomed and then it does not matter when you apply the product. It will help by gently feeding the plant.

Can you tell me to what to do to plant in containers and to maintain my pots, terrariums and baskets?


Use good soil and potting mix (with no chemicals) in pots, terrariums and baskets. Water them in with a mix of The Mushroom Stuff® and warm water (about 2 tbsp/gal). Then use Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 or Natural monthly or bi-monthly as needed. The Earth Right conditioner in the products allows fertilizer to stay in the root zone for better absorption. Our fertilizer does not ruin the soil in containers. Too much salt (found in many chemical fertilizers) makes the soil nasty and then you have to change out the soil annually. By using Sure Bloom® you may have to add soil but you won’t be dumping any. If flowers are not blooming as I would like, I just use The Mushroom Stuff® to push the bloom. Remember, avoid clay pots that are unglazed if you use Earth Right® products because Earth Right® eats clay.

I want to transplant, so what do I do?


1 month before transplanting, mix Earth Right® Super Stuff® (2 tbsp in whatever amount of water the container will hold) to decrease any root bound conditions. When transplanting use The Mushroom Stuff® (2 tbsp/gal). Use Sure Bloom® 1 week later at the same rate and continue to do that monthly in pots. If transplanting to the garden, garden rates apply. Use The Mushroom Stuff® 2 – 4 times a year in pots. Earth Right conditioner is in Sure Bloom and Mushroom Stuff. It will reduce root bound conditions and our fertilizer will not burn the roots. Your plants will be much happier.

What about growing from seed in trays?


Once seeds sprout, mix The Mushroom Stuff® 1 tsp/16 oz slightly warm water, put in RTU bottle and spray trays carefully. Put warm water in another RTU and spray over the same trays. Do the same with Earth Right Super Stuff® about a week later. After these applications, use Sure Bloom at double that rate when watering. The amount of times you fertilize your trays will depend upon what you are growing and the size of the plug or pot. Remember a little bit goes a long way with seedlings.

Can I use Earth Right products for edibles?


Yes, every edible you grow is a little different, so see my notes below on the primary homegrown edible categories and contact me if you need more information. Farmers, please contact us. Organic and natural products can be custom blended.

Vegetables Tomatoes, Peppers, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Carrots, Radishes, Beans and Peas –


Apply Earth Right Super Stuff® in the beds or pots 2 weeks prior to planting. If soil is soft you need less than if soil is hardpan or clay. Super Stuff® will ionize, soften soil and establish microbial colonies for better crops. Apply Mushroom Stuff® at planting or after germination of seed. Then use Sure Bloom® fertilizers monthly or bi-monthly. I like to use them when blooms appear on my tomatoes and peppers. It helps set the blooms and I use it monthly in the gardens. I find cucumbers and beans do not feed as heavily and so you may want to use less. When I plant my tomatoes and peppers, I use 2 tbsp/gal and usually can plant 4 to 8 plants with just one gallon of mix, depending upon plant size. Or you can put Mushroom Stuff® in the dial sprayer and set it for 1 oz/gal. Apply to soil and water in or apply just before a rain. Remember though that tomatoes do not like wet leaves and so if I do not expect it to rain I water in with my watering can around the root zone.

Herbs –


I use The Mushroom Stuff® after germination and Sure Bloom® Natural on my herbs. If planting in the ground be sure to pre-treat the area with Earth Right Super Stuff® as you would any garden area. When herbs and other edibles are planted in containers typically fertilizing is required more often than when the edibles are planted in the ground.

Established Orchards –


Apply Earth Right Super Stuff® twice a year (spring and fall). Apply The Mushroom Stuff® each fall to create a better root structure and for more blooms the following spring before buds set. Apply Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 two weeks after the trees bloom for optimal growth and to fertilize. Then apply again as you normally would for the variety of tree and fruit.

Grapes –


In heavy soils, apply Earth Right Super Stuff® 1 gal/acre early in the season. Prior to blossoming, we recommend The Mushroom Stuff® at ½ gal/planted acre. In a home garden, apply with watering can around the root zone which can be extensive. Applying The Mushroom Stuff® will provide the micronutrients required and will restore roots for better nutrient transport at a critical time. Enjoy increased yield and sugar (Brix). Use Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 at 2 gal/planted acre when fertilizing to set blossoms. The numbers for The Mushroom Stuff® and Sure Bloom® are per planted acre.


What about planting late summer vegetables and fall flowers? We always recommend pre-treating any garden area (with hardpan or clay soils) with Earth Right Super Stuff® for ease of planting and for better pore space in the soil. Use Earth Right for flowers and vegetables in the fall just as you do in the spring/early summer. By using Earth Right and Mushroom Stuff for second plantings, you will find the amount of time required for the growth cycle will be reduced 10% – 20%. This allows enough time to harvest your second crop on the vegetables. The Mushroom Stuff® and Sure Bloom® are recommended as a monthly application for all gardens.

Can you tell me about rose gardens and why I need Earth Right Products for roses?


Rosarians who use Earth Right products are very happy with them. In the Kansas City area, Charlie Anctil, a respected Rosarian since 1958, who writes a column in the KC Gardener, recommends Earth Right products. In 2009 the Director of the Jacob L. Loose Memorial Park (Judy Penner) chose Earth Right Products for their renovation of the Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden and have used the products ever since. They use Earth Right Super Stuff®, The Mushroom Stuff®, BOTH Sure Bloom® fertilizers, and a special product we make just for them, Magic Stinky Stuff. This special product is available in 55 gal drums as a special order product for professional use to aid in the recovery of any plant in crisis. Roses need proper soil tilth to aid in drainage; water and nutrient uptake; dispersion of salts and good root structure. Roses require water, but can’t withstand wet, soggy soils. They require nutrients that won’t burn the roots with high N values. Just like people, roses need more than basic nutrition. When we “feed” plants with typical fertilizers there are three primary nutrients provided, nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Of course our plants need those things but need so much more. A comparable analogy with people would be that they need water, protein, calcium and potassium. Fine, but people also need a whole range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and phytonutrients. It turns out that plants, especially roses, need many of those things too!! The soil is where all the food and water reside for the plant. Getting it into the plant and properly taken up for use is the reason we need to treat with a natural system. For example, people need good bacteria for digestion and the soil needs good bacteria so plants can use nutrients for growth. Earth Right Super Stuff® contains microbes that are beneficial in growing roses. Soils also contain other types of microbes that are required for plants to resist disease and maintain good root structure. The Mushroom Stuff® contains these. Without microbes nutrients aren’t in a form readily usable by plants. For roses, we need to insure that microbes are always present to convert nutrients and boost immunity. Chemicals, such as fungicide, herbicide or insecticide, kill many microbes and damage root hairs on feeder roots. This is known as “burning the roots”. We need to replenish microbes within a week after chemical applications to insure the best, natural environment to maintain a level of immunity where we can reduce our chemical applications. We need to replace the beneficial fungus to restore hairs on feeder roots and restore the overall root structure. This is especially important in spring and occasionally throughout the season. Judy Penner has noticed that by using a combination of Earth Right products, there is less disease in the Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden and she does not need to apply as many chemicals throughout the season.

Can you be more specific about how Earth Right Super Stuff® and The Mushroom Stuff® will improve my rose garden? [otw_shortcode_content_toggle title="Answer" opened="closed"] This quote from Ray Rothenberger at (Dept of Horticulture, MU) indicates how important drainage is for roses. “Roses must have good drainage and perform best when they have abundant water. The soil around the roots should always be damp but never saturated with standing water. Add water when the soil is dry in the upper 1 to 2″.” Thorough, deep watering is important. Apply water slowly and long enough to ensure deep penetration. Soil should be soaked to a depth of 1 ft. Judy Penner waters 1 – 2″ three to four times weekly in the hottest temperatures when there is no precipitation.

Earth Right Super Stuff® will reduce compaction, increase drainage, move the all important phosphates and nutrients to the root zone, utilize nutrients that are already in the soil, improve the depth the roots can travel and better utilize the nutrients and water you apply. As a result, Earth Right is ideal for growing roses. The molecule moves through the soil profile and opens up the soil. Multiple applications ensure that these spaces remain open, even with weathering. Minerals and water attach to the Earth Right molecule and holds them in suspension to enable your roses to feed as needed. No other product on the market today offers this unique benefit. Additionally, Earth Right disperses salts, which tend to build up in soils where chemical fertilizers have been applied. Roses will uptake water that is loaded with soluble sodium salts from commercial type fertilizers first. This is not as healthy as having proper nutritional profiles for the roses. It is much better to disperse these salts and make the other minerals soluble. Roses do not put out feeder roots very far so nutrients need to be near feeder roots. Using Earth Right at least 3 times/year supplies your roses with elements needed to keep soil tilth appropriate and to move nutrients and microbes to the root zone.

Designed to feed the mycorrhizae on plant roots, The Mushroom Stuff® mycelium feed all types of mycorrhizae so nutrient transport and root mass are improved. It is a blend of fermented organically grown oriental mushrooms, polypeptides, polyamines, nucleosides, terpenoids, alkaloids, carbohydrates, trace elements, natural micronutrients, nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and natural growth regulators. It promotes more blooms and canes, better growth with larger and darker leaves, promotes root disease resistance and improves and increases root mass. Reduce reliance on chemicals and promote natural health. This unique blend gives you the edge in creating prize-winning rose gardens.

What is the advantage of using Sure Bloom® in my rose garden instead of chemical fertilizers?


Sure Bloom® comes in two formulations, Natural and 6-7-6. The all Natural performs similarly to liquid fish emulsion but improves performance by adding other natural ingredients that benefit roses. To date in field testing, the 6-7-6 out-performs other fertilizers by about 30%. Our fertilizers contain organic acids, enzymes, alfalfa, seaweed, minerals and vitamins. The Natural contains fish emulsion and magnesium, making it a “Natural” for early spring use. Since it also contains other natural nutrients it can replace your annual fish emulsion application. You have a much greater chance of maintaining healthy roses and reducing chemical applications for disease and pests because your roses stay healthier when using our program.

What is the suggested Rose Program for Hybrid Teas, Old Fashioned, Grandiflora, Floribunda, Climbers and Shrub Roses?


Space roses when you plant per instructions you can find on line or at your local rose society, but leave a little extra room. Our products cause great growth and you will need a little more space so that the roses don’t grow into each other. Use Earth Right Super Stuff® when digging a new spot 2 weeks before planting. During the first year, if you have very compact soil, use 2 tbsp/gal/bush and apply monthly from March through September. Afterward apply as indicated on the grid below when the ground is not frozen. Use The Mushroom Stuff® (2 tbsp/gal) when planting. When you want blooms within 10 – 14 days starting in mid-May in the KC area use The Mushroom Stuff® (1 tbsp/gal/bush). Use Sure Bloom® as soon as the buds come on the bush to set the blooms (1 tbsp/gal/bush). Climbers and large shrubs may require a little bit more product and water. Summer use is safe when used mornings and evenings. Roots won’t burn. Only use products occasionally with miniatures as you will want to keep these small. See grid below for application rates.

Roses thrive when you follow the basic rules for growing them and apply Earth Right products. Earth Right is a proud supporter of the Kansas City Rose Society, the Johnson County Rose Society and the Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden in Jacob L. Loose Memorial Park.

Suggested Product Usage for

Hybrid Tea ROSES in the Kansas City Area

All dates are approximate, depending upon the weather conditions.

Contact us with questions.

Knockout Roses can be treated 1 – 2 times a season. That is normally enough.

Application Rates for Hybrid Tea Roses

What else is important for rose growers to know about this program?


The Mushroom Stuff® boosts early growth of newly planted roses and encourages rapid root growth. Sure Bloom® Natural can replace the fish emulsion application. In summer, only use Mushroom Stuff® if using Earth Right during the same month. Mushroom Stuff® will improve petal and leaf formation and increase the number of blooms. Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 will set the blooms. Earth Right allows roses to grow taller in height, for stalks and stems to grow thicker and to root deeper. This is why we like the combination of the products for successful rose growing. If your roses are in an area that is not well drained, use Earth Right more often. Earth Right Super Stuff® will continue to open soils at deeper levels the more often you apply it. Therefore, a little bit on a regular basis can improve soil more quickly. After applying for a number of years, apply less frequently.

What if I am in agriculture, a landscaper, golf course superintendant, have a greenhouse or tree farm, am in construction or have mining or industrial applications?


Fortunately we have applications for the products and we have products not shown for these markets. The products we make for homeowners work well on various crops, on golf courses, on construction sites and we have even manufactured products for the mining industry. We custom formulate various products for agricultural, construction and industrial applications, keeping chemicals to a minimum and focusing on natural ways to provide solutions. Please contact us for specific information.

What do you make for keeping my water features, pond or lake clear?


Earth Right’s Pond Stuff® and Natural Pond Clarifier are all organic and totally safe for wildlife, the environment and for people. It is a 100% Natural Bioremediation treatment. We cam provide additional information on how to figure out the volume of water you need and which product is more appropriate for you, just contact us.

What about irrigation products?


When my Dad and I started out over twenty years ago, irrigation products for farms were one of our mainstay product lines. If you have a need for these products, please contact us.

What about waste management products?


A system for waste management is available and our bioremediation department can be retained.

We hope you have enjoyed beautiful gardens and lush lawns all year. We look forward to another great season and hope you will call us when you have comments, questions, or suggestions.

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