Mycelium and natural ingredients stimulate root growth, new bud formation and promotes healthier plants, trees, shrubs, veggies and flowers.

Covers 20 K sq ft.

ms-250It’s at the Root

The Mushroom Stuff® is designed to help stimulate root growth of turf, plants, and trees. It contains Earth Right Super Stuff Conditioner® which will also help loosen the soil surrounding the roots to enhance growth and health.

The Mushroom Stuff® is all natural and will benefit transplants and new plantings. The beneficial mycelium feeds mychorizzae which live on the roots of every living thing. By using a product with mycelium you feed all types of mychorizzae. If you buy a mychorizzae product you must buy the one specific to your plant.

Additionally this liquid can be applied to existing plantings without disturbing the roots, unlike mychorrizal products. This process aids in the overall health of trees, shrubs, vegetables, and much more. At just two tablespoons per gallon – Mushroom Stuff® is very economical and you will find your trees and plants thriving where others won’t.

For an immediate green thumb you need to try mushroom stuff today!


5’5″ wife next to her okra with monthly Mushroom Stuff treatments.


Tips from Toby – Fall Landscape Plant

One of the big advantages of this milder Summer (beside lower energy and water bills) is that our line up of Fall plants are looking more stunning than ever. This is a great time to update that landscape, add some new plants with bountiful color or just change the look with some annuals that you can replace next Spring.

Learn how to choose the best plants, how to keep them looking and growing well and the difference between perennial and annuals. Watch the tip now and add some stunning Fall beauty to your landscape now.


Tips from Toby – May Quick Tips

May is the month were everything finally starts popping. Our lawns are getting thick, weeds are coming in, landscapes are growing and much more. This is also the time to find out what damage we have had. There is a lot of Winter kill on shrubs right now so we show you how to keep that bush alive. It’s time to raise our mower height, we show you why. Plus, so much more! Check out all the quick – easy – tips for May now!


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