While rose growers in the Heartland would not follow this program exactly, we hope this gives you an idea of what we do in the Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden. Also, on our website we have lists of roses grown here in our garden, which have been selected specifically for growing in the Greater Kansas City area.


Challenges: Bunny damage, Winter damage, Disease, Soil Tilth, Root Development and Maintenance, Feeding, Water (too much or too little)

Overcoming challenges can be difficult so we always are looking for new ways to handle those.

Bunny damage can be addressed by relocating bunnies, using sprays available in the store such as Repellex. You can always fence the garden. Repellex is systemic and bunnies will not like the taste. Other products are available based on smells that the bunnies do not like. Some of them have nitrogen or animal blood. These can be harmful to plants in the heat of summer. So use those around the plants but not right on the root zone in high heat.  After bunny damage occurs apply The Mushroom Stuff to try to rejuvenate the plant.

Winter Damage: The best practice to avoid this is to cover the rose with mulch/organic compost (we prefer the organic compost from MO Organics) or by using tomato cages and newspapers. To save money using the tomato cages with newspaper can help with the budget. In the early spring we cut all of the dead canes to allow for better growth. We also apply Earth Right Super Stuff normally in March to open up the clay soil and prepare for blooms in May. Using Earth Right early in the spring helps the soil absorb the water and push it into deeper levels so roots are not sitting in water for too long during the spring rains.

Clay Soil:  In the Heartland we have the added challenge of Clay Soil. Earth Right products are made to deal with that.


In the rose garden the typical applications go down once a month for my products as we established our microbial colonies a long time ago. I do not suggest this for homeowners. Spoon feeding roses is always best at home. When you water in the products be sure to lightly water over any splashed material to avoid transpiration issues in the sun. And use a half inch of water on the soil.

Knock out roses:

In May, apply this to the soil for each rose bush.

In 3 – 5 gal of water add 1 oz each of Earth Right Super Stuff and The Mushroom Stuff. Add 2 oz of Sure Bloom Natural and Sure Bloom 6-7-6. Water in one half inch. This may be all you need for the year!!! Sometimes if there is damage from animals or disease you will need to reapply at a later date.


Most climbers only bloom in the spring. I suggest this application for April for each climber that is not a climber with repeat blooms.  If the climber repeat blooms please use the method under all other roses.

In 3 – 5 gal of water add 1 oz each of Earth Right Super Stuff and Sure Bloom Natural. 2 weeks later add 2 oz of The Mushroom Stuff and Sure Bloom 6-7-6. Water in one half inch for each application. This may be all you need till late summer or fall!!! Sometimes, if there is damage from animals or disease you will need to reapply at a later date. In the month of September or October, depending upon weather, apply Earth Right Super Stuff at a rate of 3 ounces in 5 gal of water around the base of the climber. 2 weeks later apply 2 oz of The Mushroom Stuff in 5 gal of water. Each time water in the products with half inch of water.


In the spring use 1/2 oz Earth right in one gallon of water at the base of each plant. 2 weeks later add 1/2 oz of The Mushroom Stuff and 1/2 oz of Sure Bloom Natural.  The following week add 1/2 oz Sure Bloom 6-7-6. For each application water in 1/2 inch. Only do this again if your plants need it. Frequently if you do this monthly with miniatures, they get too big. In the fall retreat with 1 oz Earth Right Super Stuff in 1 gal of water. Every time you apply products water them in.

All other roses:

In March or early April treat the soil of the entire bed with Earth Right Super Stuff. The amount you use will depend upon the size of the bed. For every 500 square feet of soil apply 2 oz in 2 gal of water and then water in 1/2 inch. In May, usually week 2 of the month, use 1 oz of The Mushroom Stuff and 1 oz of Sure Bloom Natural in 2 gal of water per plant and water in half inch. 1 to 2 weeks later use 1 oz of Sure Bloom 6-7-6 in 1 gal of water and water in. Use this May program monthly. In September treat the beds again like you did in early March or April.

If you suffer damage from bunnies or disease you may have to increase or adjust dosages. Weather and other conditions will require you to make constant adjustments to your “plan”. Part of the fun of gardening. You can always call me with questions if this should happen.

Janmarie 913-492-2992