Used over time, Earth Right Super Stuff will help turn your heavy clay soil into rich earth that will enhance lawn and plant growth, and will increase drainage within weeks of application.


Using Earth Right

Our heavy clay soils are not conducive for growing lawns, trees and landsape. Drainage is a big issue for many homeowners as well. Earth Right is a Kansas City made product that has been in existence for over 20 years. The all natural product feeds the clay soil with nutrients and also helps break down the clay soil to turn it into healthy topsoil in very little time.

Make Soil Right

Earth Right Super Stuff® is designed to help break up hardpan and tough clay soil. Earth Right Super Stuff® will help turn unhealthy soil into healthy earth leading to better root growth and enhanced drainage. Microbial action helps long term clay problems.

For places where it’s hard to grow grass or areas where you have poor drainage – applying Earth Right Super Stuff® once in the Spring and once in the Fall will lead to healthy soil throughout your lawn, landscape and garden.

If you have dogs that run along the fence or areas in dense shade you may wish to use the product more often. Be sure to spray around your trees and shrubs and landscape beds, the roots of all these plants need soil with enough room for air, water and root growth.

Earth Right Super Stuff® is all natural. When we work with Mother Nature results are amazing and we are not adding harmful ingredients to our soil or water. Be amazed by how soft your soil becomes and how great your lawn and landscape looks when using a natural program.

Other companies may say their products are like Earth Right. But most of those are wetting agents and Earth Right Super Stuff is not.
Look at this table below and see all of the benefits when you use Earth Right Super Stuff on most types of clay soil. In sand, you can use more of the nutrients that are applied.


Try The Mushroom Stuff® to Establish, Restore and Improve Root Structure, Increase Plant Health by Boosting Immunity and Providing Micronutrients, Produce Better Foliage, Darker and Larger Leaves, Vibrant and More Abundant Blooms, Increase Germination Rates, Transplants Have Improved Survival Rate and Natural Inoculants Create Improved Root Disease Resistance


Soil Problems + EARTH RIGHT Feature = Benefit to Soil
Compaction Strong Terpolymer & Polyphosphate unwinds deeply down through the soil profile & agglomerates minerals. Bacteria reduce clay bonds. Improved crumb structure & pore space, better drainage, improved water utilization, & more complete soil aeration.
Hardpan or Clay Layers Earth Right dissolves this barrier adding tilth, pore space and better structure. Distorts/dissolves metallic salts, better crumb structure to clays for permanent penetration.
Alkaline soils Earth Right easily dissolves the alkaline mineral
deposits and converts them to a nutrient source.
Dissolves the alkaline mineral compounds and
repairs problems that sodium causes to the tilth.
Poor drainage or
standing water
Opens soil creating greater pore space & increased percolation, no waterlogging, bacteria create long-term benefit for keeping soil open. Restores pore space to at least a 50% ratio, improves crumb structure, improve nutrient uptake.
Saline or Sodic Soils Allows salts to move deeper, below root zones;
bacteria & broad-spectrum nutrients rebuild soil tilth that collapsed from high sodium & lack of balance.
Rebuilds soil structure as if massive composting occurred. Reduces salts, creates natural balance and improved nutrient rich soil.
Soil crust on seedbed
Low germination rates
Dissolves crust readily improving germination
of seeds by holding nutrients available & increasing
micronutrients & bacteria.
Change in soil tilth, pore space, beneficial microbes & micronutrients increased the rate of germination in all of our test cases.
Poor soil tilth and
water penetration
Opens tight soils and clays by increasing crumb
structure, increasing bacterial count, soil doesn’t become water logged.
Treated soils have proven to hold up to 62% water
without becoming water logged.
Poor utilization of nutrients Bacteria break down nutrients to organic acids, micronutrients provide broad spectrum of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals. Polymers attract the cationic charged nutrients and minerals to its structure giving plant roots easier access.

Makes better use of natural nutrients in soil and
better use of fertilizer thru availability and synergism of broad-band elements

Reduced microbial growth

In addition to adding 5 strains of beneficial microbes, makes more oxygen available to the plant roots & microorganisms increase dramatically.

Soils show increased activity of microorganisms
with Earth Right applications.

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