Wet and Wild


My husband and I first moved to our Prairie Village home 3 years ago. Of course, the first Spring we had 12-15 inches of rain. All along the East side of the house (50 feet) water leaked into the basement. We also had an area in the back yard, 10 X 10 that was hard as a rock with the hard clay curling up around the corners from years of having standing water. We installed 2 more sump pumps and $4,000 worth of additional basement wall support. No, that did not stop the water from coming into the basement.

Somewhere along the road, after having numerous discussions about “what to do,” someone told me about Earth Right. We have been spraying Earth Right on our yard for the last 2 years and our water problems have been almost nonexistent.

I was intrigued with this product and wanted to find out how it really works. I called on a Friday night at 5:30 thinking I would be lucky to get an answering machine. Well, I talked to this wonderful, enthusiastic, and energetic woman, Janmarie Hornack. She is the inventor. I asked her to explain how this product works in “plain English.”

Per Janmarie – The molecules are like pretend earthworms that you spray on your grass. Adding water makes Earth Right work. The molecules are water loving and water hating. As the molecules move, they break up the soil. Nutrients attach to the molecules and move down through the soil.

Earth Right is applied by using a hose end sprayer with 60 parts water to 1 part Earth Right. It is natural and safe, and has a 6-9 month life in the soil. You can find Earth Right at hardware, and lawn and garden stores. I use Earth Right on my lawn and in flowerbeds.

Earth Right Benefits

  • Restores the pore space in the ground, resulting in a reduction of erosion, increased water penetration and retention and better utilization of nutrients by the plants and grasses.
  • Opens pore space, which gives the grass or plants the ability to get water from deeper levels in the ground during drought conditions.
  • Calls water up from deeper levels to the root zone through capillary action because pore space is now open.
  • Eliminates standing water problems because the pore space in the soil has been opened up and the water can be drained down.
  • Increases the number of earthworms, which all gardeners love.

They recommend the product be used in Spring and Fall where there are heavy clay soils. Well, we know we have heavy clay soils! Of course, depending on the magnitude of your problem you may need to apply Earth Right heavier and more frequently. My situation is certainly an example of that. Now if I can just talk all my neighbors “up the hill” to using Earth Right.

In addition, Janmarie has recently added free Bonus Ingredients, which includes Atlantic Seaweed, Organic Alfalfa, Vitamin B1 and five strains of microbes. I applied Earth Right along with these new ingredients to all my perennial flowerbeds. When I compare my exact same roses planted at the same time to the roses at the award-winning city rose garden, mine are 3 times bigger. Everyone, who sees my perennial garden says, “Your soil must be in great shape. I have never seen such big, healthy plants.” Well, they are correct because I use Earth Right.




I Use Earth Right Super Stuff® on the Lawn

I use Earth Right Super Stuff® on the lawn in the spring and fall and when I planted maple trees. One thing I have noticed is that the water from the sprinkler system soaks in better along the driveway and sidewalk edges keeping the grass from drying out. I think The Mushroom Stuff® is much better than any root starter. Our customers at Suburban Barn love Sure Bloom® 6-7-6.

Greg, Suburban Barn

I have a vegetable garden and many new trees around the church. The soil is hard clay which makes it difficult to keep plants alive. I don’t use chemicals so when I heard about Earth Right Super Stuff® I was really excited. Before I planted the trees I used Earth Right Super Stuff® on the soil and was amazed with the transformation of the soil in a few weeks from hard clay to a darker granular soil. When I planted the trees, I used Super Stuff® inside the hole I dug and then poured a solution of The Mushroom Stuff® in water around the plant. During the summer I used Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 around the trees twice. I decided to transplant one of the trees in the fall. Because I had used Earth Right Super Stuff® on the soil, I was able to dig up the new tree without any difficulties. The tree grew more than average for one season. I was amazed at the deep and spreading root system. The large roots had grown beyond the hole dug. All the trees I planted that spring are all doing great. In my vegetable garden I had enough Super Stuff® for just a corner of the garden. The soil is now obviously softer in that area of the garden. I planted carrots in that area. Along with using Super Stuff® , I also used The Mushroom Stuff® and Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 . The carrots grew straight down and were about 8 to 10 inches long and easy to pull. I plan to use all of the Earth Right products over my entire garden this spring.

Brother Rene at the church of Regina Coeli Catholic Church in Farley, MO

I Use it Every Spring

Five years ago I moved into my first new house with my very first yard. That fall I started using Earth Right Super Stuff® on my lawn. I have continued to use it every spring and fall ever since. I have to say that not until that next summer did I notice a big difference but what caught my eye was how green the lawn was and how well my grass felt during the summer drought. I am not big on watering at all and it was amazing how nice the ground felt. Having that Northland clay that is harder than brick when it gets dry, I truly was impressed. I give it up for Earth Right Super Stuff® because it truly has helped my yard become what I have always wanted without to much work in very little time. About three years ago a friend of mine called me for some advice about how to fix a problem he had in his back yard. His situation is that his back yard faces a busy road and the developer had put some 6 ft mounds up for noise protection with a sprinkler system on top of it, and they ran about 70 to 80 ft across his back yard. The grade from his house was sloping down to it and causing him some issues. The funny thing is he never had to water back there because of the sprinklers but any time it rains more than an inch he has standing water for weeks. Now my friend called me because he’s that guy who doesn’t like to get his hands dirty and wanted the easiest and cleanest way to fix his problem. So I introduced him to Earth Right Super Stuff®. I brought an RTU bottle that all you do is hook it up to your hose and you are ready to spray. He sprayed the whole thing across his problem area. He called me a month later to let me know that they had just had 2″ of rainfall and it was the first time in 4 years that he didn’t have standing water. He has been using Earth Right Super Stuff® every spring and fall and has not had any problems or issues ever since!!! We both couldn’t believe how this worked as fast and as well as it did!!

DB Personal Gardner from Missouri

My Lawn Definitely Stays Greener Longer!

When I use Earth Right Super Stuff® my lawn definitely stays green longer. I also see that the rain or sprinkler system soaks through the top layer of compact soil much better.

Dave Rocky (Residential yard in Overland Park)

I No Longer Have Any Problem Growing Grass in this Area

I have used Earth Right Super Stuff® for over 5 years. In front of the house at the top of my driveway where the sidewalk and drive way meet, I have a drain pipe that drains into an area that leaves a puddle after a rain. I could not get any grass to grow in this spot because of the water sitting in this area. I put about a half teaspoon of Earth Right Super Stuff® in the puddle and the water drained out of the area. After using Earth Right Super Stuff® a few times, I noticed after a rain, I did not have a puddle and the grass was beginning to grow. I no longer have any problem growing grass in this area. I buy a gallon of Earth Right Super Stuff® at a time and use it each spring and fall over my entire lawn.

George Hanauer, Prairie Village